Aymeric on Software

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Technical Skills

Technologies used extensively, either professionally or in projects that have been publicly released.

Compiled Languages: C#, C++, Objective C, Swift, Java.
Libraries: STL, Boost, Win32, WinForms, Cocoa, COM, ATL, WTL, Qt, OpenGL.
Script Languages: Typescript, Javascript, PHP, Powershell, Unix Shell.
Web Technologies: jQuery, Modernizr, Jasmine, Karma, React, HTML, CSS, Less and Sass
Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iOS.
Networking: Curl, Boost Asio, socket APIs, good knowledge of TCP, UDP, TLS and HTTP protocols.


2009 - Present

DiskWave. A free disk size utility for Mac OS X, developed using C++, Objective-C and Cocoa.

2013 - Present

Exposition. A modern opensource HTML 5 photo gallery software, developed using TypeScript, Javascript and PHP.


Jan 2009 - Present, Aris, Oxford, UK

Senior software engineer.

  • Developing a JSON REST API with ASP.NET Core.
  • Working in a team of 20 to develop an online gaming platform.
  • Developing HTML5/Typescript games running on mobile browsers.
  • Wrote iOS App in Objective C to display information retrieved from a Web API.
  • Maintaining a C++/Win32/WTL Windows based desktop client.
  • Wrote port of said client to macOS using Cocoa/ObjC when necessary.
  • Developed NSIS based installer for Windows, and custom installers for macOS.
  • Created a custom distributed build system supporting CMake (Visual Studio or XCode) and Adobe Flash based projects.

Jan 2007 - Jan 2009, Thomson Reuters, Paris, France

Contractor for two years.

  • Worked in a large, multi-cultural, and geographically distributed team.
  • Worked on Reuters Trader and 3000 Xtra (now Eikon), financial software that provides access to real time and historical market data.
  • Maintained Reuters Trader installation and update system. Added support for localization.
  • Involved in the development of the Reuters Desktop Management Console.
  • Used C/C++, COM, ATL, Win32 and some of Reuters realtime and timeseries APIs.

Nov 2005 - Dec 2006, Limess, Düsseldorf, Germany

Junior research and development engineer.

  • Worked on a portable device capable of digitalizing 3D surfaces by stereo image correlation.
  • Custom Linux Gentoo setup with automated installation.
  • Implemented most of the touch based UI using Qt and OpenGL, including visualization filters.
  • Hardware integration (touchscreen, camera and flash). Sorted some issues with drivers.

May 2005 - Oct 2005, Correlated Solutions, SC, USA

Final year internship in a company specialized in 3D acquisition software by digital image correlation. I later moved to Germany to continue to work on the same project with their European partners.


English: Fluent. Used professionally since 2005. Living in the UK since 2009.
French: Native Speaker.
Spanish: Fluent.
German: Mostly forgotten.


2002 - 2005 Master in Software Engineering

Polytech’ Nice college, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France.

2000 - 2002 Classes Préparatoires MPSI/MP

Special classes to prepare competitive exams to join French engineering colleges.
Lycée Bellevue, Toulouse, France.

2000 Baccalauréat with honors

Lycée Lapérouse, Albi, France.