Aymeric on Software

Because we needed another of these blogs...



I am a 30 years old software engineer. My areas of expertise are C, C++, ObjectiveC on Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, and iOS. I have also done a lot of HTML5 programming lately.

My hobbies include photography, playing the piano, “bookworming” and taking care of my family.



This blog is powered by Octopress, a static blog engine built on top of Jekyll. I use the excellent darkstripes theme. The website is hosted on a Kimsufi KS-2 server. Previously it was hosted on a Dedibox SC Gen2 but I ran out of space.


The avatar I use is Guyito, the mascot of the Daily Inquirer, a newspaper from the Philippines. He is a Carabao, that frequently appears in comic strips along side articles, mocking the news. Apparently the Carabao and the Cow exchanged their skins a long time ago, which is why they appear to be too tight for the carabao, and too large for the cow…

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